Easy monetization, more control

Regardless of your display ads, we make it easy to monetize your additional advertising space.
higher CTR compared to display ads
Tested and high-quality advertising material
Scalable on all devices
No competition with display ads
Dashboard for reports and statistic

Authentic placements

Our placements

The natural and seamless integration of our native ads in your news feed.
Placements that are integrated into the article in the natural reading flow.
Use the reader’s attention at the end of the article for monetization.
Placements are built in parallel to the content to attract attention.
Integration of advertising placement in article recommendations.
The attention of picture galleries is further increased by native ads.
The user engagement brings even higher advertising revenues through our placements.
The publisher dashboard

Full control

On your dashboard, you can view and evaluate statistics and reports on your campaigns in real time.


The Ströer Supply Side Platform

By connecting to the Ströer SSP, we enable advertisers to display campaigns on their pages in an automated and scalable manner. Target groups and topic relevant.

The right campaign

With our large advertiser portfolio we will find the right campaign for your website.

… and many more

We are happy to help