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Our proprietary ad server technology allows you to reach more users in our large premium publisher network.
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Our advertising formats



Native Content Ad

Native Content Ad is a scalable advertorial and is ideal for promoting and explaining your products and generating high-quality leads. This allows you to present your performance directly in online premium publisher environments.

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Native Story Hub

The Native Story Hub is predestined for brands with many messages and topics. The ideal channel for storytelling across multiple advertorials. Whether sales or communication, by linking the different advertorials to each other, everything is possible.

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Native Teaser Plus

The Native Teaser Plus is an authentically embedded form of advertising suitable for brands and storytellers.  When the call-to-action button is clicked, the content area opens directly below the teaser and is placed immediately in the attention-grabbing viewing area.

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Native Teaser Ad

The Native Teaser Ad is an authentically embedded text/image ad that fits comfortably into the editorial reading flow of the target group and thus attracts high-performance users to your website.

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Native Brandshop

The Native Brandshop is perfectly suited to fully present brand world presences that have their focus on different products. The user is taken directly to the sales channel of the desired product via the product links.

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Native Survey Ad

The Native Survey Ad uses the teaser for surveys. This format offers even greater interaction and engagement with an advertising-relevant content. After the click, the user is directed to the survey evaluation and further information.

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Native Promotion Ad

The Native Promotion Ad offers retailers an optimal placement of their product offers. Away from classic print advertising, retailers present their campaigns and products extensively in online premium environments.

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Native Cinema Ad

With Native Cinema Ad, video content is advertised harmoniously in the target group’s reading flow via text/image ads. When clicked, a video overlay opens on a darkened background and attracts the attention of the viewer.

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Programmatic Native Advertising

We offer you additional options for automated, data-based campaign management through Programmatic Native Ads. Our portfolio can be booked directly via Ströer SSP.

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Compatible with all popular and leading DSPs
Data & Targeting

Our extensions

Semantic targeting

Using our own AI-supported algorithm, we recognize content and can thus place high-performance native ads in context in order to accurately achieve your marketing goals.

Geo- and sociodemographic targeting

Seeding Alliance uses all relevant targeting options in order to focus your target group and avoid wastage.

A/B testing

To optimize your campaign performance, we test different motives and variants and provide you with valuable user feedback.

Dynamic advertising media

We generate highly dynamic native ads based on targeting criteria as well as data feeds or user information.


Target the users who have already shown interest in your brand and increase the conversion rate.

Sequential storytelling and user qualification

Accompany users along the customer journey and qualify them step by step up to conversion.
High-quality campaigns

Our creative service

Experienced editors from a wide variety of fields create content that presents your products and services in an exciting way and engages users. Convenient and cost-effective.

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